Master Certified Instructors

Tim Davis

Mr. Davis has extensive experience in Law Enforcement, Counter-Terrorism and Security.  He has completed major deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, where he directed several programs, including the Law Enforcement Professionals and Afghan Border Police Training for Blackwater. Recently, Mr. Davis directed Business Development-Defense for Tracking Point in Austin, TX.

Mr. Davis joined the Federal Air Marshall Service in January 2002, right after 9/11/01. Tim had been charged with leading FAM training at basic training in Artesia, NM.  He was responsible for coordinating all training at the FLETC FAM basic training, as well as being a certified firearms, defensive tactics, aircraft tactics and platform instructor.  Tim was also a commissioned FAM who flew missions. 

Prior to joining the Federal Air Marshall Service, Tim served for over 15 years with the United States Customs Service.  He accepted an appointment as a Senior Special Agent in 1987 and worked numerous assignments including the Office of Internal Affairs.   He was in charge of several narcotics task forces and was the Primary Firearms Instructor, Team Leader of the South Texas Special Response Team, and investigated hundreds of national and international investigations, involving all of the U.S. Customs Service jurisdictions.

Prior to joining the U.S. Customs Service, Mr. Davis served with the United States Secret Service for almost 5 years.  He accepted an appointment as a Special Agent in 1983, and worked numerous assignments in both protection and investigations.  He received a national commendation for saving Presidential Candidate Walter Mondale from an attempted knife attack.   Tim was assigned to the Austin Field Office and was also a Certified USSS Firearms Instructor.  Before joining the Secret Service, Tim was a Highway Patrol Trooper in the State of Texas.  He joined the Texas Department of Public Safety in 1979.  Mr. Davis was also a Deputy Sheriff in Texas, prior to joining Texas DPS.

Mr. Davis holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education, with an emphasis in Criminal Justice Management, and a minor in Physics, from Texas State University, San Marcos.


Tracy “Smiley” Carroll

Tracy's tactical career started in the U.S. Marine Corps. He served as an Assault Team Member, and a Close Quarters Battle Instructor.

After his military service, he founded Tactical Concepts Inc. a company established to provide specialized skills and training to the Law Enforcement, Security, and, Military communities.

Later, he joined Triple Canopy Inc. where over the next 10 years his knowledge and experience of security operations led him to manage the specialized teams responsible for providing security to U.S. Senators, Hilary Clinton, John McCain, John Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, U.S. Ambassador, John Negroponte, various other U.S. Ambassadors and key U.S. leaders in war zones.

Additionally, he has worked in the capacity of a military advisor, police advisor and security forces trainer in Indonesia.


Jeff Boyette

Jeff is 30+ year law enforcement professional who began his career with Kentucky County and Georgia State Law Enforcement.

His career continued as an Investigator/Special Agent with U.S. Customs Office of Investigations, acting as a tactical team leader on aviation drug interdiction missions. He has been assigned as a U.S. Customs Service Supervisory Special Agent to the DEA Special Operations Division in Washington, D.C., as well as the Department of Homeland Security Investigations Unit as Resident Agent in Charge supervising Interdiction & Investigative operations in nine West Texas counties along the Mexican/Texas border.

In addition to his career with the U.S. Federal Government, Jeff has served in the Middle East as an Embedded Law Enforcement Professional with the U.S. Marine Corps Border Security Command.

He is a Federal Law Enforcement Instructor, a Texas Police Instructor, and is certified by the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals as an expert witness on International Smuggling.