Instructors & Safety Officers

Bryan Whoolery

Sergeant Bryan Whoolery is a 27 year veteran of the Travis County Sheriff’s Office. He has been the Sergeant/Team Leader for the agency’s full time SWAT unit for 15 years, and has participated in over 750 tactical operations during his career.

He is an adjunct instructor with his agency’s training academy, the Texas Tactical Police Officer’s Association (TTPOA), and previously with Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Program (ALERRT). Sergeant Whoolery provides formalized instruction on active shooter, tactical raid planning, hostage rescue, tactical firearms, leadership, and less lethal certifications.

He holds a Master’s TCOLE license, TCOLE Instructor Certification, TCOLE Firearms Instructor Certification, and several instructor level certifications related to operational tactics and physical fitness.

Sgt. Whoolery is a member of the Justice Academy’s research team tasked with developing the Hostage Survivability Probability Model. Additionally, he has authored several published articles and is currently the editor for Command magazine.


Wes Davis

Wes Davis began his career in the US Marine Corps Infantry. Wes was trained and specialized in CQB, Convoy Security, Site Security and Personal Protection.

After several years with the Marine Corps, Wes joined the US Army infantry units including the elite 82nd Airborne Division, where he was deployed to Afghanistan as an Infantry Sgt.

Wes later became an AH-64D Apache Attack Helicopter Instructor Pilot. He has completed several combat tours as both an Infantry Sgt and as an Apache Gunship Pilot/Instructor Pilot. He has extensive combat experience and is an excellent instructor, who brings much “real world” experience to Atlas Defense.


Will Davis

Will Davis started his career with the elite 82nd Airborne Division.

During his ten years of active service, Will rose to the rank of SSG in the Airborne Infantry and saw many combat tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. 

He has trained both his soldiers and foreign nationals in firearms of all types and various combat techniques. 

Currently, Will is serving with the Texas National Guard and still conducts combat training for his unit.  He is an excellent instructor with extensive “real world” experience.


Josh Harris

Josh has completed NRA certified school training courses in basic, defensive, an advanced pistol and shotgun.

He also was an instructor with the US Army at the Joint Readiness Training Center as a combatant trainer at their Military Operations Urban Terrain course. Josh’s training and experience with the US Army service, include the Army's advanced reaction to contact course for M9 and M4, taught in the SERE C course, followed by working there as a lane detailee for 9 months. He later had an opportunity to revisit and recertify there, receiving the benefit of a more advanced course, and a new block of academic instruction. As an AH64 pilot Josh flew in combat in Afghanistan, and currently serve as a Tactical Operations Officer, overseeing and developing the training of aviation personnel in recovery, survival, and evasion techniques. Josh is an excellent instructor with significant “real world” experience.