Atlas Defense provides custom, mission-oriented training solutions to Law Enforcement departments and agencies.

Our realistic live fire training will enable your officers to experience violent encounters and train to manage their critical decision process under calculated stress so they can avoid getting caught in a fatal loop.

Our curriculum developers can create custom, mission-oriented training solutions and execute virtually any scenario you can imagine. By offering a diverse variety of course options, our training program is scalable and adaptable to the specific requirements of your agency.

Our Master Certified Instructors will work with your training officers to build the precise training solution for your organization and provide critical feedback during after action reviews.

The VIKN Advanced Live-Fire Combat Training System (V-ALCTS) TM is designed around the patented reflective target which allows trainees to come face-to-face with role players in live-action, real time scenarios. It fills the long standing gap between virtual training and live fire training.

Historically all training has been validated in the field, sometimes with tragic results. Now, with this reflective technology, officers can validate their training against a living, breathing human being in a safe, structured training environment.

The Atlas Defense program gives officers the ability to practice skills like voice commands, de-escalation and, ultimately, use of their duty weapon against another human being before they have to on the street.

Through the use of the reflective targets of the revolutionary VIKN Advanced Live-Fire Combat Training Systems (V-ALCTS) Atlas Defense can create a wide range of real life scenarios that will validate your officers training in a real time, safe and structured live fire environment. Our role players are highly skilled, qualified and capable professionals who deliver the most realistic experiences possible so trainees are prepared to take their training to the street.

The result is the ultimate form of stress inoculation, allowing officers to evaluate and improve their skills and actions under extreme duress.

Example Atlas Defense training scenarios:

  • De-Escalation / No-Shoot
  • Building Entry
  • Active Shooter Responses
  • Traffic Stops
  • Multiple Suspects
  • Domestic Calls
  • Sniper Situations
  • Entry/Checkpoint

In addition, because our training program is flexible and customized to your needs, Atlas Defense can work with your training personnel to re-create actual situations your officers have encountered in the past.


As an exclusive Troysgate sales and training partner, Atlas Defense can meet your training needs in several ways:

  1. Atlas Defense can provide custom price quotes for the purchase of the Troysgate training system that matches your requirements.
  2. Atlas Defense can bring our mobile training unit to your range convenient to your needs, or schedule training for your officers at our state-of-the-art facility.

A key component of any training program is the ability to give immediate feedback based on visual instruction.

After Action Review video Display

To this end, the Atlas Defense law enforcement training program uses video recorders strategically located throughout the shoot house to capture each training exercise and allow immediate feedback.

After each training session, an Atlas Defense Master Certified Instructor and your officer will review their performance by simultaneously viewing video capturing the officer’s perspective and that of the role players.

Digital recording technology allows our instructors to slow down the action and help your officer evaluate critical actions at the exact moment of escalation. This allows the officer to see his reactions and grade his decisions. Every Atlas Defense training iteration using the V-ALCTS system will improve the officer’s reaction time and decision management.

To learn more about this revolutionary law enforcement training program, contact Atlas Defense today.