System Sales

Complete training systems including all hardware, software and video equipment, in addtion to instructor training, is available for sale to law enforcement departments and agencies.

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The realism of the Atlas Defense approach and the reflective target system is what makes the system superior to any other training tool in the industry. The use of live role players, duty carry weapons and live ammo triggers the identical stressors an officer would feel in an actual deadly encounter. The System is designed around the patented reflective target which allows trainees to come face-to-face with role players in live-action, real time scenarios. It fills the long standing gap between virtual training and live fire training. The result is the ultimate form of stress inoculation, allowing officers to evaluate, validate and improve their skills, equipment and performance under extreme duress.

  • Custom system solutions can be incorporated into your current scenario training facility
  • Portable mobile training units enable transport and deployment to your chosen training sites.
  • Ballistic walls ensure safe training environment
  • Live ammunition in a safe and monitored training environment
  • Capacity of reflective target of up to 500 rounds
  • After Action Review video system captures the action from all angles
  • Master Certified Instruction for your training team
  • Indoor and Outdoor flexibility

Customized training suites tailored to your specific training requirements include:

  • Shoot House
    The Shoot House training unit features a trainee work space and Role Player work space divided by a ballistic safety barrier with the reflective target on the shared down range wall.  The unit will house all training requiring a building.
  • Vehicle Stop
    The Vehicle Stop training unit features a trainee works space for the assigned duty vehicle separated from the Role Player work space by a safety barrier wall with a reflective target on a shared wall down range.  The unit allows for scenario training utilizing officer vehicles.
  • Sniper Station
    The Sniper Station has multiple configurations and features a sniper position, the reflective target and Role Player work space protected by a ballistic safety barrier.  The unit allows snipers to safely engage with the reflection of human targets.

Use Cases

  • Officer Candidate Assessment
    Incoming officer candidates can be evaluated for ability to perform under stress prior to committing thousands of dollars and resources.  Officers applying for SWAT and Sniper assignments can also be evaluated.  The realism of the sniper scenarios has proven to be an effective assessment tool as sniper candidates have deselected themselves after experiencing a shoot scenario in the VIKN system.
  • De-Escalation
    The realism of the Atlas Defense training program enables officers to gain valuable experience making decisions under stress.  Our scenario force on force training has proven to amp up even the most experienced officers to levels never realized under current training environments.  Training under these high levels of stress will raise their confidence and awareness allowing for a more methodical decision to apply de-escalation techniques and a non lethal outcome to an encounter.
  • Return to Duty Assessment
    Officers who have had to use lethal force can be evaluated prior to returning to active duty.   Officers can work through decision making challenges in a safe, structured training environment to ensure they are ready to return to work.
  • Fatal Loop-No Shoot
    Our realistic live fire training will enable your officers to experience violent encounters and train to manage their critical decision process under calculated stress so they can avoid getting caught in a fatal loop.  Their next deadly encounter will not be their first.  Our no shoot scenarios enhance the ability to recognize no-shoot situations, brings officers to the edge of firing, develop confidence, and mitigate risk.
  • Critical Decision Making Under Stress
    The most effective method to improve critical decision making skills is to practice under high levels of stress.  When under extreme duress, officers will perform to the level of their training.  Our training system is designed to raise their level of performance through repetition and therefore relaxing the time continuum and rewarding good choices.
  • Equipment Validation
    A group of officers training in the VIKN system had recently been issued new triple retention holsters.  In their first training scenario, 90% of the officers were unable to unlock and draw their weapons prior to the role player.
  • Stress Inoculation
    Through repetitive training gain a true muscle memory and strong foundation in perfecting fundamentals in stressful environments.  Interacting with live role players unfamiliar to officer trainees creates unpredictability and prevents officers from gaming the training program.
  • Video Evaluation and Reinforcement-After Action Reviews
    The most effective method for officers and trainers to evaluate and critique performance is to document through video technologies the training scenarios.   Slow motion and pause functions allows for comprehensive evaluation of every aspect of performance.  The video review will reinforce all areas identified for improvement and eliminate any subjective performance evaluations.  Video documentation allows leadership to review without attending the training.
  • Risk Mitigation
    The most challenging decision an officer makes is the choice of using lethal force.  Most of the time, it will be a split second decision.   Our experience has shown non shoot scenarios are the most stressful training scenarios for law enforcement officers and the most effective to increase their ability to choose non lethal forms of engagement.  Each scenario and role player performance is aligned with specific objectives.
  • Training Scars
    Training under calculated stress in real life scenarios uncovers bad habits developed on the flat range such as